No One Is Alone

No human being is alone. What does that mean? It means that contrary to the popular notion that humans have about being alone and loneliness; there is no such thing! How is this possible?

To understand the concept of being alone and loneliness, you have to be aware that this alone awareness comes from the ego. The ego feels alone and lonely. It is a mental construct designed to maintain a singularity that says you are all there is. When you stay with the awareness of the ego, you will be stuck in the belief that you are all alone in the world. How do humans overcome this?

Humans can overcome this perception of loneliness by connecting with their soul and experiencing the fact that they are surrounded by loved ones, guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials and many other entities. There is no such thing as being alone. Humans have allowed their egos to convince them that they are alone. There is no alone. Alone is fake news.

If you don’t already experience the spiritual reality of relating to those on the other side of the veil, you can begin to have a connection by first discarding the misguided notion that these beings are dark, evil, satanic, spooky as portrayed by the Church, religion in general, society and of course, Hollywood. Of course there are disembodied beings that are of a lower vibratory level just like there are humans with low awareness. When you keep your awareness high, you will not attract these type of lower level beings. The second awareness that you can develop is one of curiosity about spiritual beings. Find out more about them, study them, read about them. Open your mind to them. They don’t bite.

Most of the beings I have encountered, including loved ones, are there to help, guide and encourage. Where are these spiritual beings? They are right next to you, simply vibrating at a higher vibrational level, so they are not visible to the naked eyes unless you have second sight. They can easily be seen with second sight. All people have second sight.

Once you drop your egoic fear about these beings, they will contact you. Don’t be afraid. They are there to help. You are surrounded by a multitude of beings whispering to you, “grow, grow...” They are encouraging you to expand your awareness.

From my experience with many entities, it is worth exploring your relationship with them. They are real, loving and supportive. Once you avail yourself of them, you will never be alone nor will you believe in loneliness.


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