Living From Mind Is Illusive

When you live in and from your mind, that is an illusive state of being. It is also a state is which you can easily be controlled because it is so easy to brainwash humans who stay in their minds in an attempt to feel singular as a persona/psyche/ego. Humans trap themselves with their personal histories and self-importance and open themselves up to control by outside forces. Living as if you are your mind, your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, dogma and reason is living a fake, illusive existence. The real YOU is NOT YOUR MIND AND YOUR THOUGHTS. THE REAL YOU IS YOUR SOUL AND THE SOUL DOES NOT THINK. IT JUST IS.

How do you become real and live as the soul you are? Stop thinking, stop believing, stop your dogma, stop being so logical and move into the unknown. Move into your heart where your soul resides. Your soul comes through as feelings, not thoughts. Thoughts are from the mind and they are generally constructs that are misleading like the construct of the ego that tells you to be better than others, tells you to judge, approve and control others, tells you to keep up with the Joneses, amassing more things, more money, more, more, more...

The soul is about awareness, not thoughts. If you are not growing your awareness every day, you are riding a dead end. You were born to grow your soul through expanding your awareness and that comes from experiencing life in living it, not thinking it.

The first step to becoming real is erasing your personal history. Let it go. Stop living in the past. The second step is losing your self-importance. Stop your righteous indignation, your holier than thou approach to others and to life. Stop being so humble, you’re not that great...yet!

When you live from your soul, you live from your heart and realize that your life, the construct of this existence is a feeling that you agree to have. It’s all a feeling and if you are not living that way, you are basiscally just going through the motions. You give up your growing of your soul. You are on autopilot. Is that what you want?


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