Life Is Meeting Fear

The reason for being alive, for being in a human body is to meet fear. What does that mean, to meet fear? First, what is a human’s biggest fear? It is the fear of the eradication of that human’s persona/psyche/ego, in other words, death, dying! We humans have a fear of death. Normal, natural or is it? From my experience of dying millions of times, death is highly overrated and the fear of it is abnormal.

Our very reason for being born on planet Earth and being human is to meet fear squarely in the face and to use it as an ally not as a bogeyman. How do we do this? Well, it’s difficult because the society we were born into with its religions that say we have no soul unless we join a certain club and if we do certain things we will go to Hell or Heaven and we live in fear of this. We live in fear of what happens after we die. I have a way of overcoming this and learning to meet fear face to face and overcoming it.

The way to meet fear and that’s the fear of death, the fear of what there is after death, is to realize that you are a soul having a human experience and you don’t die. Nothing can kill you, not really. You are an infinite, forever being that continues to have feelings and awareness and thoughts and this particular human experience is for you to overcome the fear of dying by knowing that you are more than a human body, that you are a soul and don’t die.

Every experience you have in your human form is meant for you to meet fear in some way so that you can overcome it, learn from it and eventually realize that there is nothing to fear since you cannot be killed or die.

How do we practice this state of meeting fear? It is not about putting yourself in harm’s way. It is about facing your fears and when facing them, making those fears your friend, not your adversary. For example, many people have a fear of public speaking. The way to face that fear is to start getting up in front of people and speaking. Perhaps you start small, as in speaking to your family or friends at a gathering in your home. You can build upon this by then speaking at your work or joining a Toastmasters club. The way to overcome, to meet fear everyday is to feel the fear but do that thing you fear anyway. Just do that thing even in a small way. Remember, this is not about harming yourself and others. I never advocate that. This is about overcoming fear and realizing it’s the purpose we are here in body on the planet.

After meeting fear for a while, you will find yourself becoming fearless. Now, I didn’t say stupid or careless. I said fearless and there is a difference. Of course, you must be discerning enough to know that you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation or not. Use common sense in determining the different types of fear you will face. In many cases, the small fears in your life, like speaking up to people who treat you badly and things like that, are the greatest fears in your life. I have spent my entire life overcoming fears. I can tell you many stories about facing my fears and coming out victoriously. It was not always easy but I persisted and it helped me to realize the greatest joys I’ve had in life.

Life is all about meeting fear. When you finally see what fear looks like, you will laugh because you will see your reflection in the face of fear.


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