I Seek To Perceive The Unknown

My intent on my spiritual path is to perceive the unknown. What is the unknown and why do I desire to perceive it? To me, the unknown is what is in the heart of Spirit. I want to know what’s there, I want to understand it and then be it. The reason I desire to perceive the unknown is because as a being who is always in the process of becoming, I have a deep predilection for going beneath the surface of realities. I am curious about the true nature of existence. You may ask, what’s the deepest aspect of Spirit that I have perceived to date?

The deepest aspect of Spirit that I have perceived to date is that Spirit is not human. It doesn’t think like a human, does not have any human qualities whatsoever. It is nonlinear, has no sense of time and does not die. Humans so desperately want to give Spirit human qualities but Spirit is not a physical reality like a human is.

How does this perception of the unknown, of Spirit, help me, the human? For the most part, it has helped me to see many of the misguided thoughts, fears, ideas, beliefs, behaviors and actions of myself and other humans and how to overcome them by not allowing human thinking to dominate how I live. This is very tricky. I need to be very clear about the language of each reality, human and Spirit. For example, my human side will speak to me in the voice of my ego as it judges, approves and controls while Spirit will speak to me in the voice of my soul in the form of feelings that seek to guide me. Spirit’s Guidance is always positive, I have found. You will never hear me say, “the devil made me do it” as I perceive the devil as an ego run amok for whatever reason.

As I continue on my spiritual path of perceiving the unknown, I will become more of the unknown myself and then, eventually, I will be unknowable to those who ignore the language of Spirit.


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