I Love Myself, I Let It Go

We humans have been tricked by society into thinking and actually believing that loving ourselves is selfish. Since we believe we are selfish in loving ourselves, we believe that we must hold onto those things that limit us, that diminish us because we are not worthy of better. I call this thinking the biggest hogwash perpetrated on man. Why do I say that?

I say this because loving yourself is at the heart of loving others and it is necessary for letting go of your limiting beliefs, letting go of your past, of those things that no longer serve you. The reason that there is so much mental and emotional turmoil in our world is because people don’t love themselves in a compassionate way, not a self-aggrandizing way, and this leads them to having very little, if any self-worth. This lack of self-worth informs them that they deserve to suffer and that they can’t let go of those things that limit them.

I have found that loving myself is not selfish because I don’t love myself at your exclusion. I don’t live in grandiosity; I live in grandeur. My loving myself teaches me how to love you. As I love myself, I can let go of those things that limit me. What are the types of things that limit me? Limiting beliefs like, “I am too old for that,” or “I will never be able to forgive __________,” or “I will never find love again,” or “I am bad at ___________.”

Letting go, releasing limiting beliefs is the greatest example of self-Love that allows a human being to move on and experience more in life. Staying in limitation is not, in my perception, what life is meant to offer. I want to progress down my spiritual path and loving myself and letting go of what doesn’t serve me is one of the key components of an enriched life.

Go to the place of self-Love and letting go of limiting beliefs. I will meet you there.


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