I know How To Transmute

I am a being who came with the ability to transmute. What does that mean, to have the ability to transmute? From my experience, it means to take anything from food to emotions and change it to a higher  and better form. For example, I can take negative emotions, a negative situation and transmute it to a higher more positive emotion and situation. I make things better with my presence. As an example, I had a date with a lovely woman for the first time the other evening. She remarked upon our meeting that “this type of thing is weird,” that is, meeting people from on-line dating sites for the first time. I said that I was fine and did not find it weird but I knew what she meant. We sat in a booth and I could see and feel that she was nervous so I began to transmute that nervous state by using humor with her and relaxing myself more as I was feeling her angst and I could see in her body the change from being nervous to relaxing and enjoying herself. I transmuted her nervousness to relaxation. After that our date lasted four hours. We had a great time.

I do this with everything including food. Sometimes, I forget about my transmutational power and I live to regret it because I end up feeling bad as in a stomach ache or sadness. Why is this relevant to you? This is important to you because all humans have an ability to transmute, that is, to change something into something better, of a higher quality. You just don’t know you have this gift but you do.

May I encourage you to explore this incredible transmuting power you have. Start by transmuting how you feel and think. Start by working on your own emotions and thoughts and when they are of a lower nature, as in sadness, dejection, depression, melancholy, etc., use your transmuting power to raise the vibrational level of the emotion by simply seeing its opposite reflection. For example, the opposite reflection of sadness is joy. When you feel sad, simply tell yourself that just on the other side of that sadness, on the flip side, is the feeling of joy and go there. It works. It’s a great Jedi mind trick.

Transmuting is a power every human being can enjoy. It takes practice because humans think they have to stay stuck in things and that they have no power to change them in an instant. Not true. Every human is a transmuter. We have an expression in society called turning lemons into lemonade. That’s a form of transmutation of something bitter into something sweet.


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