I Have Completed My Mission

The assignment for which I was called to Earth, I have completed. Earth and its inhabitants have made a great shift to a higher awareness, a higher concsciosness and the Dark Forces have left with a few holding on for dear life in their stubborn ideology. They too will soon be gone. If you don’t believe me, just look at what’s happening around the globe with the MeToo movement. That is a shift in consciousness and it will cause more to change for the better. Trump’s presidency, whether you like him or not, is about the magnification of ego and we are being shown what ego is like when it is not parented and runs amok. Not pretty. This is teaching us. It is not about politics or political party or liberal v conservative. We are moving out of an ego dominated construct as a species. We are becoming heart centered. This is what I came to assist in engendering on Earth. So, what am I still doing here if I’m done?

I am on a Cosmic vacation between assignments. I am enjoying the last remaining years of my Earth life without stress, without regret, without illness, without judgement, without approval and without control. The state of peace that I am in is quite a thing because the ego wants conflict. It gets bored without some petulance going on. So, being in this inbetween time of assisgnments is not as easy as you think. One must be vigilant not to let one’s ego look for messes it wants to get into to continue its misguided notion of what it means to be alive. You can be alive and be at peace too. It doesn’t mean sitting around, staring at the four walls. You can still be very engaged in life.

How do I do this? Simple. When I hear my ego talk through its imaginary creation of drama; I listen and then laugh. I parent my ego by telling it no, that’s not how I want to live or experience my life at this point. What happens is, I don’t argue, I don’t fight, I don’t get frustrated, I don’t get stupid. I simply relax and allow things to take their natural course, divesting myself of any reactionary feelings. I am simply in a Zen state of being now. I have no worries or stress and I keep it that way.

Please understand that this is something I must be vigilant about. I am always in the world and am a human with thoughts and feelings. I am operated upon by the same forces as everyone else. The only differences is that I am friends with those forces now.


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