I Am In Divine Guidance

I am in Divine Guidance. What does that mean? Being in Divine guidance is an allowance you make that the Divine is real and you are worthy of a connection with the Divine.

With Divine guidance, I find that I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher consciousness and my higher evolution.

When I speak to the Divine, I speak to that which is within me and within everything around me. The vibrations I put out through my thoughts and feelings resonate with the Divinity in everything around me. This, I have experienced, is what is known as a state of grace. I know that I am in God’s country. This is not religious. This is a spiritual connection through allowance to the All There Is in everything in my living reality.

How does Divine Guidance come? From my experience, it comes through intuition, dreams, meditations, thoughts, psychic phenomena and signs in daily life found in people, books, TV, license plates on cars, animals and so much more. When you are in allowance of Divine guidance, that guidance comes in many, many ways. The problem for most humans is that they discount that something as simple as a dream can be Divine guidance. They don’t believe that God would talk to them because they believe, “who am I that the Divine would speak and guide me?” This is a self-worth issue born of the conditioning of the major religions that will have you believe that the only way to know God is through them. Not true.

The Divine does not have judgement, control or approval in its consciousness. The Divine doesn’t care how you approach it. It only cares that you ARE approaching it. That’s it. Simple. Yet, many are willing to believe what religion has brainwashed them to accept and that is that Divinity is only for those who go to a priest, rabbi, imam, monk or enter a church, synagogue, mosque or temple. Not so, for God, the Divine is in everything and is everywhere, including inside every human being waiting for connection, waiting to guide that human.

If you are not in Divine guidance and want to be, simply have the desire and it will be so. You are already connected to the Divine. Now, turn your conscious awareness ON and allow yourself to be Divinely guided. It’s a matter of allowance.

I can attest to the efficacy of this for I communicate with the Divine all day long. I am aware of my spiritual path and my spiritual journey. You can also do this.


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