I Am Here

When my wife died she told me, “I am here.” She said there is no “other side,” there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can’t die unless your soul is ready to let the body off the bus. I believe her.

This is contrary to what religion and society has conditioned us to believe. Religion and society want us to believe in a confused jumble of ideas starting with going to Heaven or Hell depending on whether you have been good or bad or that the lights go out and you are simply no more when you die.

From my experience with Spirit, with other entities, with my own spirit, with my wife, I have discovered that life is everlasting and is a continuum. Coming into a body is not the rule, it is the exception. Our natural state of being is as Spirit not as a body. A body is a sojourn of coming to a physical matrix in order to grasp a soul lesson, release karma and grow soul awareness. Our real home is not Earth or any sphere, it’s in the ether, the light realms, the higher, nonphysical dimensions. Coming to Earth is like making a pit stop. It’s like a flash of light similar to the flight of a firefly. We come and go from physical life very quickly like a flash.

We are used to this coming and going. It’s how we experience the continuum of everlasting life. It is our human ego that makes up all the false and unreal ideas about leaving the body because the ego is created to protect the body and insure its existence. That’s why the main feeling associated with the ego is fear. Fear of death and yet, there is no death. Yes, there is leaving the physical incarnation but that is not death, that is birth. When we die, we are born to life everlasting, we are back home where we belong and where is home? Home is right here.

Going to the so-called “other side” after leaving the human body is not going anywhere. It is the realization that this whole experience is one big HERE AND NOW.

When you die, your awareness does not stop. You still think and feel. Of course, the sensations associated with a human body are not part of Spirit so you won’t be breathing any more but once you’re dead, you won’t care about your body anymore because you are still here and your here-ness is all that counts.

If you want to know what death is like, get into your dreams and dreaming. Death is a state like dreaming from which you don’t wake up until you’re born again into a human body.


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