I Am An Agent Of Spirit

I am a sorcerer and therefore, I am a agent of Spirit. What is a sorcerer and what does it mean to be an agent of Spirit? A sorcerer is someone who is practiced in working with the supernatural and is not what society and Hollywood have painted in the minds of most people as something evil, bad, negative, weird or satanic. The word supernatural connotes that which is metaphysical or beyond the perception of ordinary physical reality. In this perception, sorcery is trading in the nonordinary. It is learning and practicing the ways of Spirit which are creative and beyond the limitations of conventional thinking. So, a sorcerer is an agent of Spirit. That means that the sorcerer knows the language of Spirit, listens to Spirit and is inspired by Spirit. A sorcerer is spiritual. How does this translate into every day reality.

The sorcerer, as an agent of Spirit in every day life, is able to avail himself of supernatural powers like clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and much more. We sorcerers are seers in that we can tap into psychic awareness and see what’s happening beneath the surface of ordinary reality. We can see into the future and we can feel into a person, animal, machine, room, house, neighborhood, etc. We see things other people can’t, don’t want to or are afraid of like entities from other worlds and a host of nonphysical beings. We are able to see what’s really there. We are comfortable with the trappings of Spirit and know when Spirit is talking to us and showing us the way. We follow Spirit. This is just who we are. We do not use our sorcery to harm for we are of the highest sorcery which is the sorcery of light.

I am a agent of Spirit and it is Spirit that I am aligned with. Those that have a vision of sorcery as something negative are misguided or brainwashed. Sorcery is a tool. It is the person using sorcery who is negative, not the sorcery itself. See what I mean? I am a sorcerer and I practice a strict code of ethics known as impeccability. Think of me as Gandalf the Grey. I am here to do the bidding of Spirit in positive ways.


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