High Frequency Resonance Being

Everything, as I have discovered and perceived, is of a frequency nature, including human beings who are resonance beings. We humans and everything around us is vibrating at different frequencies according to our awareness, our level of consciousness and how we live. In our natural state as souls, as Spirit, we are high frequency resonance beings. We don’t, however, have to die to be in our higher soul state of vibration. We can be high frequency resonance beings in our human bodies since our human bodies are complexes made up of more than flesh, they are also of soul.

I have encountered many humans on Earth who stay in a low frequency resonance. Why would humans choose to vibrate in a lower spectrum of reality?

The reason humans stay in a low frequency resonance of being is because they allow themselves to be conditioned to by religion and society. Humans are generally taught from birth that the lower vibrating ego resonance is superior to the higher vibrating soul and Spirit resonance. Religion teaches that that which we are, soul, is disconnected from us and is “out there” somewhere. Society also teaches that there is no frequency in humans, that we are just clinical flesh, so it condones consuming of synthetic drugs, alcohol, fast food, unconscious sex, murder, war, greed, jealousy, envy, hate, judgement, control, approval, fear and anger all of which are the lowest of vibrating realities.

Higher frequency resonance being teaches the opposite of the egoic model of human ideation in teaching connection with our soul and Spirit in living a spiritual life through meditation, kindness, compassion, Love, peace and tolerance. This higher state of frequency resonance teaches that when you want to increase your frequency resonance you work on keeping the body healthy through not taking synthetic drugs if you can avoid them, not consuming too much alcohol, not eating any fast foods at all, engaging in loving and conscious sex, not engaging and falling for murder, war, greed, etc., but instead being a beacon of light through being Love, peace, kindness, compassion in this now moment.

Being these more aware and conscious realities as listed above increases your high frequency resonance and as such moves you from homo sapien to homo luminous, that is, you move from the ego construct to the soul construct. What happens when you raise your frequence to the highest resonances is that you align with abundance, prosperity, health, balance, peace, harmony, Love, kindness and you become a most powerful being.

Take it from me, for I am a high frequency resonanting being and I can no longer be in the lower ego realms. I don’t judge them, I simply am not there anymore. Be peace now.


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