Every Human Is In The Process Of Becoming

The secret to living as a successful human being is understanding that every human is in the process of becoming. Our human continuum is that of eternally becoming...more. More what? More expanded in our awareness, of a higher consciousness. Everyone is under this umbrella and it is futile to judge where anyone is in their life because they are exactly where they need to be on the continuum of becoming. Who and what each human is is no accident.

Whatever one’s awareness level is is right for them. Some of us are more expanded in our awareness and some not as expanded. What does this mean? Nothing! That’s why it’s best to see this perspective of life and not judge yourself or others and stress about why people behave in their different ways, why people make so many mistakes.

Some of us work every day to continue to expand our awareness and some don’t care about this kind of thing as much. There is not much to say about this other than “to each her own.” If you wanted to expand your awarenesses, you would.

All of this is to say that we are all moving forward, we are all in the process of becoming and that becoming has no time table. That’s the beauty of Spirit that the speed of your trajectory toward higher consciousness is up to you, no judgement, no repercussions. You want to live your life with your head buried in the sand? Great! Here’s some sand.

Spirit has all the time in the Cosmos and by the way, there is no such thing as time.


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