Embodied Enlightenment

What is embodied enlightenment and why should we be embodying enlightenment? Embodied enlightenment is a state of being where we as human beings are wholly aware of, conscious of, excepting and allowing of our raising our soul’s awareness in our every day life. It is a state of Christ Conscious that we live as we progress in our human bodies. We don’t wait to die and to to Heaven to have embodied enlightenment. We progress, knowingly, while alive, on a spiritual path where we see our life’s experiences as teachings, lessons that are expanding our awareness and not negative circumstances where we perceive ourselves as victims.

We switch our perception from seeing life as a “gotcha” to seeing life as a classroom that we chose to be in. We walk our life’s path understanding that even though our life lessons may at times be arduous, they are enlightening us when we take them as enlightening and not as degradations.

When you embody enlightenment, you are, in a sense, more real and nothing can truly harm what’s real, I have found.

When you lead a life with a sense of being enlightened, your experience is a lightening of your life’s load. Life doesn’t feel heavy, difficult, burdensome. It feels fresh, peaceful, nurturing, abundant and caring.

I live as an embodied enlightened being. In this state of awareness, there is no one I hate, fear, dislike, judge, control, approve of or distain, including myself. That’s why I have come to relish my embodied enlightenment. It is, in my experience, a preferrable state to be in.


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