Don’t Take It Personally

I notice, especially on Facebook, that people take other people’s opinions personally. They cannot stand that you differ from them. This leads to arguments and name calling and is the height of egocentricity which leads to stress and anxiety. I believe that you have the right to your own opinion and if mine differs from yours, it should not be a reason for you to want to malign or murder me. Murdering me for my differing opinion is the height of taking something personally, something humans allow themselves to struggle with and have done so for thousands of years. It’s the ego run amok.

I don’t take your differing opinion personally. Why is that? Your opinions are based on how YOU feel, YOUR conditioning, YOUR belief systems, experiences and perceptions. They are not mine, I don’t own your thoughts and you don’t own mine. I am free of you and what your opinion is is your business and I do no suffer, have anxiety or stress if you believe in different things than me. I don’t take it personally how you see God, religion, politics, ethics, morality, etc. I live in loving-detachment.

What is this loving-detachment that allows me NOT to take your differing opinions personally? It is the ability to have the kind of Love that has no grievances. I do not look for grievances in your differing opinions. I do not look to convince you of my opinion. I listen to your opinion and consider your thoughts and then make up my mind about whether I will add new perceptions to my reality. I never say never. I remain open minded. This way, I don’t feel aggravated that your opinion is different than mine. I still love you even if your opinion is not the same as mine. I do not look to convince you that you are wrong. Who and what you are, what you think is up to you, not me. I am good with me.

My encouragement is for you to not take things so personally. Taking things personally is OK if you are working to help people make their lives better like being upset that there are people’s in the world who don’t have fresh, clean water or children who go hungry. Arguing on Facebook is a gross waste of time and energy and is so laughable. Stop taking things personally and watch your disease and sicknesses disappear.

For me, seeing myself and others get upset over nonsense makes me laugh, not with them but at their immaturity. Grow up. It’ll lower your blood pressure.


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