Divine Nonchalance

From my connection to Spirit, Spirit, God is a beingness that exists in a state I like to call Divine nonchalance. What does that mean? It means that the Divine is coolly unconcerned and does not think like a human. Humans have ego, Spirit, the Divine. God does not. The Divine is not reactionary. It is Zen, that is, cool, calm and collected. For me, I want to learn how to be in Divine nonchalance in my human state. This is not to say that I want to be casual, uncaring, cold and dispassionate.

Here’s the lesson in Divine nonchalance for human beings: we want to also exist in a state of Divine nonchalance that allows us to be coolly unconcerned in the way of loving detachement that we may be the witness and observers of our lives and situations and be able to rise above the storms of life that come our way and knock us off balance. We want to exhibit Divine nonchalance that allows us to see that there is a teaching, a lesson, a reason in everything and it is not personal. There is nothing or no one out to get us unless we put ourselves in situations where there are people who want to harm us or take advantage of us.

While we are in loving detachment, in Divine nonchalance, we also must be discerning. We don’t allow ourselves to be taken advantage of or harmed. That does not mean to say that we harm or take advantage of others. We simply are always in the right place at the right time, not a bad place at a bad time. What helps us arrive at being in this sacred space of protection and grace is Divine nonchalance. We are always sending out the vibration that all is well and we are not in fear, we are not concerned, worried, obsessed, depressed, etc, and all that is around us feels that vibration and responds to it. See what I mean?

To practice Divine nonchalance is not to practice not caring. It is to practice staying in balance when difficult people and situations arrive on your shores. The best way to achieve this state of Divine nonchalance is to practice patience, creating boundaries and not taking everything personally. Those are the three pillars to begin being in a state of Divine nonchalance.

To me, Divine nonchalance is the best thing you can do for your nerves in a world where we are bombarded by way too much stimulation. In its essence, it is a great practice for remaining calm in the eye of the hurricane.


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