Be Heaven Now

From my life experience of Heaven and living there, you don’t have to DO anything to GET to Heaven; you simply have to be Heaven now. How is this achieved?

What I discovered is that Heaven is not a place at all. There is no Heaven to arrive at, get to or get your ticket punched to be allowed entry in. Heaven is a state of mind that exists whether you are in a human body or not. Again, Heaven is a state of mind. You can be in Heaven while you are alive and in a human body. You can also be Heaven when you are not in body as your consciousness is you whether you are so-called dead or alive, that is, in a body or not.  You are still YOU! See what I mean?

It’s not your goody two shoes behavior that gets you into Heaven. You get to Heaven by changing your consciousness from one of darkness to one of Light. What do I mean here? If you are negative and perceive existence as negative, that is, you see life as lack, hateful, angry, judgemental. Intolerant, etc., this is Hell. The way of your seeing life is your consciousness. If you want to get out of Hell, resolve to leave behind your negativity and begin to perceive life as unconditionally loving, happy, peaceful, filled with grace whether your experiences are good or bad. Your consciousness follows you whether you are in a body and alive or you are dead and are a spirit. Same game but at different levels of reality. Get it?

Heaven is how you perceive your life not what you perceive. You can perceive your so-called difficulties as Hell or as Heaven, meaning you can learn from your mistakes with Love or with bitterness. Your choice.

I encourage you to be Heaven now and see your life’s ups and downs as a joyful, happy and meaningful experience that you are having as a learning ground of soul awareness expansion.

To be honest, this takes work, effort and practice in turning your consciousness around from its prevailing perception of seeing everything as Hell to seeing it as Heaven. Heaven can only be seen by the Heavenly. Welcome to Heaven now.


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