Ascended Masters Are Not Better Than You

Priests, Imams, Rabbis, Monks, Ascended Masters, Shamans, Gurus, etc. are people too and are not better than anyone else, they are not greater or better than anyone else. How do I know this? I am one. I am an Ascended Master and I am no better or greater than anyone. I am, like everyone around me, in the process of becoming and everyone is where they need to be, no matter what it looks like from the outside. Some people are very advanced spiritually and some not so much. This life is not a competition of one upsmanship. We are all continually becoming and there is no end as the state of reality is that of ALWAYS becoming from what I perceive of my travels through the Cosmos.

To me, this is a comfort as I engage in wrapping my terrestrial mind around the reality of infinity. I taste the concept of forever and it just leaves me shaking my head at times. The true reality is that I am an infinite being on a spiritual journey that is a continuum through the Cosmos. I will never reach a destination because there is none. This is not the Twilight Zone. This is not Star Trek or Star Wars. I am not going to get there because there is no “there,” there is only here and now. Every soul, therefore, every human being, is in this same existence. We are all on a spiritual path AND spiritual journey, no exceptions.

If you meet someone who tells you they are an Ascended Master or Guru, etc. look for these traits as they are the road signs to awakening:

1. Awakened teachers never provide methods.

2. Awakened teachers act as a lighthouse.

3. Awakened teachers are ego free.

4. Awakened teachers teach freedom.

5. Awakened teachers preach about Love.

When one has awakened, there is the knowledge that they are like everyone else. They know they are not better, greater, grander, etc., they are just different. They teach from a place of quiet confidence called humility.


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