A Pure Unselfish Life

”To live a pure unselfish life, we must count nothing as our own in the midst of abundance.” The Buddha (c. 563-c. 483 BCE

When you realize that you, as a human being, are a co-creator, you become aware that there is another part of your abundance puzzle. You are not alone in creating your abundance as the other component is a beneficent Spirit, God, Creative Source Infinite Intelligence that must be aligned with in order for humans to manifest abundance. Therefore, your abundance is not yours alone. You are part of a system and to live peacefully, purely, unselfishly and happily, you must recognize that nothing is really your own as Spirit is in everything and everything is connected.

Abundance is not a dead object. It is alive and feels. It is attracted to you but you do not own it. This state of realization gives you purity since you realize that receiving abundance is a two-way street and it is meant for everyone, not just you. You cannot be selfish with abundance because it is not yours alone. All can attract abundance and must be reminded of this and allowed to do so.

Those that believe that abundance selfishly belongs only to them are misguided and unaware. They are also creating karma that will some day teach them that they cannot be selfishly abundant and be truly abundant because they will discover that abundance is not a material thing but a state of mind. The idea is to feel abundant but not guarded about what you have. Sharing is the key.

Smartly share your abundance without recrimination. Yes, you have gotten yours but that does not mean excluding others from getting theirs. We are all connected so behaving selfishly affects the entire collective.

My thinking is this: what I have is also yours. You may take from me but do so unselfishly, recognizing that we are in this together and you must leave me with some and not take all. That is the way of the peaceful warrior.


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