A Consciousness Far, Far Away

When there is mention of beings who are here on Earth in human form from realms far, far away, what is really meant by that? What is meant by that is that this being from another realm inhabiting a human form is of a most foreign consciousness to the prevailing collective consciousness on planet Earth. How do I know this and what is the main ingredient of this foreign or alien consciousness?

I know this because I am a being from a realm far, far away and my consciousness is so different from here. What is that difference? I arrived with God consciousness as a part of who and what I am. It means that I see God inside. God is me. God is in everything. Everything has Spirit. Most of human consciousness sees God outside, sees it in an Avatar they pray to, have to go through some Avatar to connect with God to be “saved,” sees it in some other place they label “Heaven.”

When I talk to the human consciousness on this planet about God inside, I am labeled a blasphemer. I am labeled a blasphemer because the collective consciousness of humanity is still evolving to reach the truth that God is inside them, that they are Co-creators. This difference in consciousness makes me a foreign element to most humans and that is as it should be as I came here to be the new consciousness of God inside (accent on the be).

I am not alone. There are millions of us. We are assisting raising the vibrational level of the planet and humans to be able to perceive the truth that they are the Christed Universe. God is not out there. God is inside of every human. It’s a state of being called God consciousness.

My role here is to just be my God conscious self. My presence alone is affecting the vibrational level of the collective consciousness. It is high time for humanity to awaken and many have and many more will. Be God now, not in the connotations that you have loaded into the word God but as the awareness that you are Spirit in body.


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