Your Light Is Within

”The Light” that is talked about, including in spiritual circles, is within everything including people, I have perceived from seeing the Light in myself and in everything. Yes, I can actually see my Light. What is this Light? This is the emanation of pure energy from all things and is filled with information. This information is the information of soul and its experiences from its spiritual journey through the Cosmos stored within as Light. Essentially the Light is God. Physically, I believe we see this as DNA. This Light of God is what we celebrate during the holidays and I like to call it the Christ consciousness.

The Christ consciousness is the Light and each human being contains it no matter the religious belief.  My contention is that our goal in our human life is to become conscious of this Christ consciousness within, to shine our Light, to grow our Light.

How do we do this growing of our Light? We first start this growing our Light by accepting we are the Light. The next step is practicing being the Light. We do this by meditating, praying, Loving, being kind, eating right, clearing our negativity, showing compassion and practicing peace. By doing these practices, we grow our Light quotient and in effect, become the God we are in flesh.

May I encourage you to grow the Light within you, not just at the holiday time but anytime.

You are the Light, no exceptions. Go be it.


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