I received this message from the “Sacred Vision Oracle Cards” created by Lynn V. Andrews and Robert Taylor. I share it with you here because I believe it is an important message for everyone at this time.

The reading is entitled Worthiness. It is Blue Medicine of the West-Black:

“All water birds are medicine: if followed, they lead you to water-the essence of life. The Kingfisher,  in particular, represents healing. One would wish any wound, physical or psychological, would mend as quickly as the water’s surface after a Kingfisher’s dive.

The Kingfisher is like the intrepid warrior that you are. To solve your problems, you move deeply beneath the surface of your emotions into the troubled waters, searching for early reasons and conditioning that caused you pain. This blue medicine signifies the deep blue water of your emotions and your prey is an inferior sense of well-being and worthiness. Like this great bird of flight, once your prey is found, you set your wings to soar high above it, determining where next you will plunge. Let this be your time of healing. Raise your spirits to the skies!”

The Spirit of the card:

“The Kingfisher leads you to healing like the rippling water quiets itself into stillness. The bells and eagle feathers call in the powers of water and unfathomable depths. The sacred dream of the West surrounds you, asking you to explain your highest dream. Can you follow the Kingfisher deep into your troubled waters or emotions?

What do you find there? What have you been avoiding by burying it deep, far from the light of your purpose and highest self?

Speak to yourself of this and ring the bells. Sing, to call in your supportive spirits.”


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