Who Is My Wife?

Who was and is my wife? My wife Maureen was a unique person who died young on her 59th Birthday. She left this stage of physical activity to be on another stage of non-physical activity. She was truly an enigma because she always gave love, gave of herself no matter what. She was not always perfect in how she treated herself but with others she was always giving. She taught me much. I found out who she really is when a piece of information about her appeared on FaceBook. I took it as a sign.

Maureen’s Soul is from the Spica/Alpha Star Of Virgo  (her astrological sign was Virgo). They are Angelic beings from a galaxy in the Corona Borealis cluster. Their soul color is magenta (Maureen’s favorite color was magenta) and the galaxy they come from is known as Abell (Maureen’s maiden name was Abell). The gate she comes through is called the “giving gate” and that’s how she was in life, giving.

This information cleared up much for me about who Maureen really was/is and I have to say that I was overwhelmed to learn the truth about her because, in life, I judged her many times.

I tell you this because what you experience with another may not be what it appears and there is so much more hiding beneath the surface of our relationships. Life as a human being is much more awesome and mysterious than we realize as we humans tend to live life in a mundane fashion with no mystery, no Spirit, no soul. This is a mistake that leads to existential angst that is so prevalent on our planet. We reject the mysterious and the mystical out of hand when life is exactly that, mysterious and mystical.

Our lives, our relationships are not just physical, they are so much more. May I suggest that you become more willing to see beneath the surface of your physical life where the real meaning of who and what you are really resides.

To see beneath the physical, while in your physical body, is a central theme in finding meaning in your life.

The true meaning of who and what you are waits you beneath the surface of your awareness. Look within. The time to explore that is now. Acres of diamonds await.


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