What Is Experience?

”Every Experience is a good teacher if you learn from it but it is a tyrant if you abuse that opportunity with resentment and nonunderstanding. With right attitude, life is very simple and very easy.” Paramahansa Yogananda.

Experience is a way of seeing life. You can see it willingly, using experience to learn or you can not use it and remain willful. Experience, then, is for each of us, a choice, to live and learn and make life more easy or to refuse to see our experiences as teachers and live more difficult lives with the same painful teachings coming into our experience over and over again causing us confusion and heartache.

I opt to learn from painful experiences and then move on to more enlightening encounters no matter whether good or bad for I work on not giving a positive or negative charge to my experiences. Every experience has no meaning except for the meaning I give it. If I give it a good meaning, it will bring me to new heights of awareness. If I see it as negative, I have missed the point, the opportunity as I will throw the experience away in the trash heap of forgotten, bad happenings, never looking at what might have transformed me for the better. This is not easy, I admit. It is, however, vital to learn from our experiences.

When we see our experiences as teachers and not just bothers, we open ourselves up to growing and strengthening our character as each thing that happens to us improves our definition, not diminish it.

To me, this is an important perspective of life as we understand that learning is a tool to grow the awareness of our soul and not a hindrance to our path of evolution. Many refuse to continue to evolve as humans because they can’t be bothered by uncomfortable life lessons. A good example is that many have not evolved beyond seeing kindness as a weakness. They see kindness as a form of victimhood, even the one being kind.

The refusal to learn from life lessons is the greatest weakness of the ego!!! Experiences tend to parent the ego.


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