True Art

For me, true art of any kind comes out of this mantra, “where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” I have experienced art where spirit and the hand have worked together and the experience is transcendental. I believe that is what art is for, to give the audience a transcendent experience that informs and changes the audience at the same time it entertains. The same is true, I have experienced, of life. What does this mean?

It means that we are all artists painting on the canvas of life, that our life can be likened to a work of art that we are continuously painting, dancing, singing, writing, acting and playing through and with Spirit, always improving and getting better, more skilled. We don’t just create art for art’s sake. We are imbued with Spirit and it must be with Spirit that we create a virtuoso performance we call the human experience. That to me is art, that to me is living.

It does not always have to be intense and passionate but it must be conscious and aware, ever participating with Spirit to create on purpose and not just live randomly without soulfulness. Our instrument is our humanness and it is on that stage, the stage of our human being, that we can write a thousand symphonies, play a thousand characters, write and sing a thousand songs, play a thousand instruments. This we do with Spirit backing us every step of the way. Without Spirit there is no connection to anything. There is no art. No one or thing is transfigured. We remain an unchanged lump of clay never progressing. Life is meaningless.

There is more to life than just mundane day to day living. Life is an art. Live your life as such and one day you’ll wake up and see a masterpiece, the masterpiece that is you.


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