To Play The Game Of Earth, I Must Embody

Earth is a playground of life where, in order to be in the game, to play the game, I must have a body just like football players must wear a helmet and shoulder pads to play in their game. Earth is a 3rd dimensional, physical realm where bodies are the means of navigating this reality.

The physical body comes with many operating systems including a mind, emotions and soul. Theses combine to make each being a singular persona. However, it is not really the physical part of us that’s playing the Earth game, this role we take on in order to be here. It is the soul behind our physical aspects that is really operating this embodiment. The body is the vehicle, the soul is the driver and I must have this physical vehicle in order to play in these festivities called Earth life.

What does all this mean? It means that our bodies are intentional and not some freak of nature. Our souls choose our bodies before we incarnate. We know exactly why we choose a body and what that body means to our soul in terms of playing our game of life and what experiences, lessons, teachings and destiny we will have. Our life is not random although it feels that way at times.

From my experience in body, I know I have a purpose, a mission, a destiny here on Earth but how I complete that mission is up to me. I am given free will as to the how and when of my life but the what, who and why are set.

To embody on Earth is a serious and important mission for every soul that comes here. Our mission is a part of who we are as souls and to complete a mission is the pivotal meaning of our time on Earth. All souls are a work in progress and we exist in a nonlinear continuum where we keep incarnating on different planets, be it Earth or otherwise, to continue on both our spiritual path and spiritual journey of expanding the awareness of our souls.

Have you discovered your purpose, your mission, your destiny on planet Earth? If you haven’t; it is never too late to have self-realization of what you are doing here and why you are here. It’s not just to get a job and make money, I can assure you of that. That’s just your day job. Your real job is your soul purpose and mission.

May I encourage you to discover the greater aspects of your life because in the end, you are not just your body, as important as that aspect of yourself is. There is so much more to you!!!


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