There Is Only One Truth

There is no such thing as truth or what people call true. One thing, idea or belief is not more true than another. That type of proposition is the real fake news in human civilization that has caused much suffering for humans as ego has decimated millions of people due to “my truth is better than yours.” That’s not truth, that’s just opinion. What is truth, then?

What’s true for the entire Cosmos is the truth of the Law of One that has Spirit, God as the Force that is in and between everything no matter where you are in the Cosmos. The Law Of One is supported by Cosmic Laws like Karma that operate to balance the Cosmos and that effects everything in the Cosmos. That’s what is known as truth, not whether you believe that Jesus is greater than Buddha or Mohammed or anyone else or that the way you perceive or pray to God is more true or better than anyone else’s way of perceiving God or that your political views are more true than another’s and that view puts you on the right side of history so you can decimate others. Phony ego hogwash based on approving, control and judgement. That’s the realm of the little man.

The truth is the Law Of One that posits that Spirit, God operates in everyone and everything. It is irrefutable, it is not arguable. There is no better Spirit, God in any way of seeing God. It’s all the same. That’s the Law Of One.

It is through deepening perception, as I have experienced, to be able to first perceive and then accept that Spirit, God is in everything and that there is only this Force and that’s the only truth. Mine is not better than yours. That’s the truth.

Stop trying to proselytize your religion. Just be Spirit, God, now.


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