There Is No Being Born And No Dying.

The biggest hoax perpetrated on mankind is that a person is born and that a person dies. There is no birth and there is no death. Clinical death and funerals were created by man with his limited consciousness. The human experience is a gift to grow our soul’s awareness. We come into a human experience and leave it through our soul’s intent and that soul always lives. The body does not get born nor does it die in that our bodies are given to us by the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence which we use in a lifetime and then must give back. We continue as souls.

It is shocking to people when they clinically die on an operating table and are still able to think and feel, hovering over and seeing their body on the table. Some “comeback” to tell us about it. I have had a relative who had this experience tell me about it. Being born and dying is really highly overrated as to the way humans have framed it. We souls take on bodies and we can take on other formats as well. Perhaps some of us have been a planet.

Being in body is a continuous sojourn that we souls use to learn and grow, expand our awareness. We come and go but the real existence is the soul existence which is life everlasting.

To get a feeling of the real you, your soul, connect with your soul through meditation, chanting, prayer, fasting, going into nature, prolonged periods of silence, music, rituals, yoga, etc. Make your soul the dominant feeling in your life and you will feel the illusiveness of the human condition.

The human condition is a sort of vacation from who we really are: beings of Light on a spiritual journey through the Cosmos. The soul aspect is boundless and limitless yet we are still aware.


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