The Universe Has No Restrictions

”The Universe has no restrictions.” Deepak Chopra. What is the Universe? YOU are the Universe, therefore, YOU have no restrictions. You put restrictions on yourself through your expectations and these expectations come from how and what you think of yourself. What you tell yourself, what you believe is what is real for you and that paradigm you are in is your Universe. You essentially restrict yourself.

This self-restriction is a tricky cognitive trap as you really believe what you tell yourself. We all do. In order to be the unrestricted, unlimited Being we are, the first action we must take is examining our beliefs. Are they limiting us in ways that we have not seen?

Examining our beliefs takes great courage because when we see that we can be unlimited and that no one or thing is limiting us but ourselves, we must begin to take responsibility for our own actions and not blame anyone or anything else for how we limit ourselves. You can’t blame God, the Universe, your spouse, children, parents, circumstance, your boss or society for what you have or don’t have in your life. You are the Universe and you create it all.

Again, the first step to living an unrestricted life is to look closely at what your beliefs tell you. If your beliefs tell you you can’t do or be a thing, it’s time to release those limiting beliefs. An example of a limiting belief is telling yourself, “I am bad at meeting women” or “I am too old for that” and the list goes on.

Examine your negative self-talk and resolve to release those limiting ideas you tell yourself. I have released limiting beliefs many times in my life and I am happier for it. Remember that this is an on-going process where you must remain vigilant in watching what you think because there is no destination, only a journey of constantly releasing old, worn out patterns of behavior that restrict us.

You are the Universe and it has no restrictions. You are unlimited. Try that on for size. Believe me, it will fit you.


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