The New Human

I did not realize that I am the new human, come to Earth to be the example of God consciousness, Unity consciousness and unconditional Love to all humans. What is this about?

I am what is called a forerunner soul who incarnated as the very first wave of advanced souls with God and Unity consciousness already a part of who I am. I did not need lessons and more awareness to achieve this level of consciousness. I already had it and that is why I was assigned here on Earth.

How do I know this about myself? What I am has been revealed to me over the last twenty years through psychic awakenings, other people with high consciousness and awareness, books, connections with spiritual guides, beings, Angels, Archangels, Avatars and many others as well as physically seeing my aura, vibrations and light. I. Ignored these for a while out of fear. Not any more.

Those many humans on our planet who are still caught in the lower vibrational consciousness are what we now term the unbelievers. They still think this is all weird as for them there is no such thing as God or Spirit as I am them, I The advance forerunner being who is intimately connected with Spirit. My presence has shed the light but these unbelievers absolutely refuse to see it.

So, I give my encouragement here: open yourself to being the new human with me. The new human is no longer in duality, that is, you are no longer negative and positive, only positive, only filled with unconditional love, only a being of Unity consciousness which is the awareness that we are all one. Those who continue in duality will die soon and go off planet to a sphere where they will continue in duality for their own pace of self-realization. I wish them all the best. Go in peace.

I am the new human. Welcome to my changed planet and now your changed planet. A planet devoid of suffering, greed, war, hate, anger, intolerance, jealousy, envy, control, approval and judgement.


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