The Metaphor Approximates

All the metaphors, the images and words for Spirit, God and spirituality made up by man are only narrow approximations for the experience of Spirit, God and spirituality.  To know Spirit, God and spirituality, I have found, you have to experience them, that is, you have to be them. What does this mean?

It means that concepts of Spirit, God and Spirituality are irrelevant if you are not being Spirit, God and spirituality. Words and sentences from any spiritual text are not Spirit, God or spirituality if they are not lived. These words are simply guideposts, signs, signals, interpretations and the real story is in the living and loving them. If you haven’t lived them, you don’t really know. You may voice that you know after reading a sacred text but it is in the every day practical living as Spirit, God and spirituality that the true measure of your connection to these realities is realized. For example, if you read the Bible and then espouse that “God hates fags,” then you are missing the point, out of the loop, misinformed or simply insane. You are professing to know something when in truth, you are devoid of Spirit, God and spirituality. God is a Force and has no opinion about gays one way or another but certain humans do, intolerant ones, who call them fags.

All the metaphors being tossed about regarding Spirit, God and spirituality are not the thing. The map is not the territory.

To all those who are still locked into the ideation of God, go into nature and not a church. God is in everything including yourself. A metaphor is simply a hint.


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