The Background People

Delores Cannon talks about “background people” in our lives, that is, people we bring into our lives for various lessons or teachings who may or may not be of the same awareness we are. I think we have to be very discerning here to not apply ego to this concept and show approval, judgement or control regarding the concept of “background people” in our lives.

I experience the concept of “background people” in the following way: I have attracted many different beings (humans and otherwise) onto the stage play that is my life and, yes, it is a play. Some of these beings are co-stars, some, supporting players, some are bit players, some have cameos and some are extras. There is no judgement as to the scope of their role in my play as I have chosen them, attracted them to play a part in my Earth drama as they have chosen me to be in their play. Whatever their level of awareness is of no concern to me. They are who they are and some will be major players in my life and some will not, some will be of Galactic awareness proportions, some will be Cosmic, some will be bound to an Earth awareness. All are expanding in their awareness.

Each of these “background people,” like myself, are of a certain level of awareness and it is not for me to judge, approve or control how large their awareness is for each is exactly where they need to be  on their spiritual path and spiritual journey.

Where we are now on our spiritual path is that all beings on Earth are getting a spiritual upgrade. We are moving out of 3D into 4, 5 and 6D and these same “background people” are getting their own upgrade as well as I am and my relationship with them may continue or it may not.

This upgrade will shift all of our awarenesses to a more expanded scope, moving out of the dense 3D Matrix up into 5D and beyond. As a result of this, our relationships will change. We will be more real in a sense as we have moved out of the illusory awareness of the 3D Matrix.

This signifies that we will no longer abide in war, greed, anger, hate, jealousy, envy, illness, unworthiness, poverty and lack. The consciousness of these conditions will no longer be in our domain and many of the so-called “background people” we have attracted in our lives may no longer want to live in them and the reverse is also valid.


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