Love Said In Any Language Is Still Love

Human beings have gotten themselves to believe that there is only one way to say I love you...and it’s in their language. This is misguided as no matter what language you say I love you in, it’s still the same feeling, the same intention. This seems true for how humans approach God. Many humans believe that they must go through Jesus, Allah and Buddha and if you don’t go through these avatars, you are wrong. Nonsense, for no matter HOW you approach God, you are still approaching God. It doesn’t matter WHAT you call God as long as you have God consciousness. Saying you HAVE to go through Jesus to be saved is judgemental, controlling and approving and is the height of human egocentricity and has been the reason for much murder, killing, War, hate and suffering on our planet.

When anyone says “this is the way you HAVE to do it” they are just trying to sell you something. They want to sell you on Jesus, Allah or Buddha as being the RIGHT way. Hello? There is no RIGHT way. Having God consciousness is the same as saying I love you. It doesn’t matter HOW you say it. 

Each and every human has their own personal experience based on their perception with God. We can use the same common language to make our meaning clear but how YOU feel God and Love is not the same as anyone else and you have the right, I believe, to see, feel and think of God and Love as you see fit.

When someone tries to convince you that their way of seeing God or Love is more Right, Purer, Better, More Real, More Accurate than yours is, they’re just selling you a club membership.


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