Kindness Is Not Weakness

Many take advantage of those that are kind and especially those kind people who believe their kindness is a weakness and think of themselves as a victim.

Gut check: kindness is a strength and not a weakness. It is a victorious state of mind not one of victimhood. Those who take advantage of people who are kind are simply confused. These people don’t understand and don’t have the awareness to see that kindness is to be respected not trashed.

Let’s once again emphasize that the kindness of helping hands is a sign of mature spirituality. Kindness is not a word; it is an action at the base of which is compassion. Those with compassion are not the weak ones of this world. The weak are those that are in madness and create havoc which we see all over the Earth.

Be not possessed by negativity. Reach always for the light, the divine light that brings serenity. Kindness is like this divine light that brings serenity. It is uplifting, brings peace, harmony and balance.

Strive to not only be kind but to see kindness for what it truly is: a powerful force guided by love, a strength that is unlimited and selfless. There is no victimhood in that.


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