It Is You That Holds The Clock Still On The Wall

When you look at the clock that is hung on your wall and you see it fixed in its place; it is not fixed in place at all. It is floating all around you in space. Your perception of your clock being still on your wall is something YOU do. What is the thing you do? You give intent for that clock to remain still in your perceiving of it in a slowed down vibratory reality you call Earth. It is YOU that holds that clock still with your intent. You tell it to do so, otherwise, everything is moving. Why is it moving? Movement and flow are natural orders of rhe Cosmos. Movement is Law. Just take a look at atoms. They never stop moving in their natural state unless you freeze them.

This same movement or vibration pertains to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being that you perceive as fixed. They are not. These aspects are always in flux and it is your perception of them that keeps them fixed or let’s them flow. It’s up to you.

You keep things fixed in your life because you believe it’s the way things should be. Let’s take emotions. You have an emotion, let’s call it a grudge. The grudge itself wants to move, to float away but you persist in keeping it fixed within yourself because of how you perceive it. You feel you must hold that grudge but you really don’t because you essentially can’t. In the end, the grudge will move. It will find a way to move on because it is not fixed itself. IT IS YOU WHO ARE FIXATED WITH IT!!! See what I mean?

Allow things in your life to move, to flow in and when need be, flow out of your life in order for you to move on and live with contentment. Fixating on anything is like keeping a dead plant at the entrance of your doorway. That dead plant has no energy, is not allowing the energy of vitality, of life, to flow to you. It is blocking your contentment.

May I encourage you to allow that which is dead energy in your life to flow out of your life. You and you alone determine the level of vitality in your life. After all, you are already working so hard to keep that clock on your wall from floating away.


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