I Speak And Connect With God In Everything

As I have discovered that God is not a thought but a Force, I connect with God, that Force in everything, including my self. I speak with God in all that there is. I do not understand or see God as a him, a she, an it, a diety or some ideation. I am aware of God as a Force that exists in everything. I feel God. I am with God. I do not need to go into a building or read a book to be in God’s Presence.

Why is this a critical understanding? This new perception of God as a Force and not as God has been portrayed by the Bible is critical because the Bible has portrayed God as something outside our reality as humans as if God we’re separate from us. This separation consciousness is the reason for so much strife and suffering on Earth as humans believe they must do something to gain God’s favor or get God to give things to them. This separation awareness is a misguided perception of what God is and is the reason humans behave the way they do in believing in being good gets you to heaven. Nonsense.

The Force of God is in humans as well as everything else. When a human consciously allows, connects with, aligns with the God Force, that human is the God Force and is in alignment with the God Force in everything. See what I mean?

Stop thinking God and start feeling God, in yourself and in everything around you. Stop praying TO God and pray WITH God. Don’t ask God to give you things, thank God that you already have a thing because you are God in form and your connection with God is inherent from birth.

There is no God giving and withholding from you. Your life and it’s prosperity and abundance depends on your depth of connection with the Force called God. Connection.

Stop saying “it’s a God thing” when you receive something in your life. Stop believing that God gives and takes away. Nonsense. God is a Force that is in every atom and molecule and humans are blessed to consciously move those atoms and molecules WITH God. That’s the key to miracles: being aware that YOU ARE PART OF THE GOD FORCE and you can be in synchrony with it.

Being in synchrony with God is called synchronicity.


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