I Do Not End At My Skin

I am a Beingness that is part of the All There Is and as such, I do not end at my skin. My physical body is a vibrational vehicle that matches the slowed down vibration of Earth so I can live here. Where is the rest of me?

The rest of me, which can and cannot be seen by the naked eye unless you have the more sensitive ability to see which is an allowance, starts with my chakras, my energy vortices, all 12 of them that make up my physical body. Along with my chakras come my nadis, meridians, aura, assemblage points and etheric bodies that extend out into infinity. THERE IS NO END TO ME!!!

My skin is part of my physical body that is slowed down Spirit. My body is the smallest part of me as I am much more than that and all of that is not all here on Earth as physical, it’s nonphysical. It exists in a nonphysical dimension or realm that vibrates much higher than here on Earth. Where do you think your soul goes when you sleep or when you die for that matter?

All beings have this nonphysical aspect of themselves but most of them, especially most of the humans on this Earth have been convinced that their physical aspect is all there is to them. When most of these humans die, they are shocked and traumatized to discover that they are not just bodies. It takes them a while to calm down and get used to how big they are. Consciousness, awareness, soul, Spirit, God has no container like a physical body and therefore it is wherever it wants to be. Let that sink in.

You do not end at your skin no matter your religious, scientific or spiritual beliefs. All people are Spirit having a human incarnation, a human experience. Every human is more than human. Every human is not physical.

Take time now to discover that part of you that is more than human, that waits patiently just outside your skin to connect with you in conscious awareness. It won’t bite.


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