I Am Not A Prisoner In This World

Contrary to popular beliefs, we humans are not prisoners here on Earth but rather voyagers through it. Earth is not some prison where the punished go to suffer. The Earth is a three-dimensional and above playground that we as souls agree to incarnate on to release karma and grow the awareness of our souls. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

To be given and accept this soul journey of releasing karma and growing our souls is not so simplistic in that it takes conscious awareness to accept and then practice being responsible for our actions. The reason that the journey on Earth feels like a prison for many is their refusal to release their karma and learn from their previous behaviors. Many humans are extremely stubborn and keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again in an unconscious do-loop. This, in my book, is the definition of a prison: repeating unnecessary suffering.

How can we make our journey more pleasant for ourselves and others? The first and most vital step is resolving to become more aware of how our soul asks us to make course corrections by bringing us difficult learning situations to overcome. Pay attention to when these hard lessons arrive in your life and look at them as opportunities to better yourself rather than as painful life experiences to be avoided. Face these challenges head on and determine to make them a great lesson for yourself to overcome and learn from so you can move out of the loop of repeated suffering. It’s a vital perspective of life that sees challenges as opportunities, not as threats.

The human condition is what we make it not what it has been allowed to deteriorate into. Those that believe that the human condition is suffering are mistaken. The human condition is a journey through a physical experience for the purpose of learning valuable soul lessons that move us forward on our soul journey through the Cosmos. That’s called our spiritual journey. Our spiritual path is our sojourn on Earth as we take on our soul learning tasks with joy rather than angst.

I guess what I’m saying is make the game of soul correction fun rather than torture. Hard? It is. It’s what you signed up for, remember? Change the definition of hard by making “hard” a loving experience.


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