I Am Not Having A Human Experience

Unlike many on the Earth now who are having a human experience; I am having a soulful experience in human form. Let me explain. I never had a human experience in human form because I was never egocentric in that I did not and still do not live as the self-importance of my Persona/psyche/ego. As I observe many having a human experience, that experience, from my seeing it, is one of the mind, of beliefs, of dogma, of desiring to control, approve and judge, to keep up with the Joneses.

Where many miss the point of being human is realizing that they are having a soulful experience through a human form and not the other way around. Certainly, we humans are in human form but we neglect, forget or reject our souls as being real and being who we are. Humans don’t live soulfully; they live as cyborgs, mechanical.

Living strictly as a human is living as eat or be eaten, living in fear, anger, hate, jealousy, envy, greed and intolerance. Living soulfully in human form is living as you and I are one, in Unity consciousness, abundance consciousness, unconditionally loving, in peace and with the serenity of confident humility.

You may be in a human body but what is your experience? To be strictly human is the domain of the ego. To have a soulful experience in human form is the domain of Spirit. The physical body is really slowed down Spirit.

From my perception, living soulfully in human form is what is meant by being spiritual. It is living from the heart, a place where nothing can truly harm you because nothing can harm what is true, nothing can harm what is real.


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