How To Know Your Soul

How does one get to know one’s soul? The very question humans come to Earth to find out. This getting to know one’s soul is where you discover if you are truly interested in truths because, from my explorations in life and connection to my soul, all truths are revealed through the heart.  The heart is where your soul resides and will speak to you in the language of the heart. That language is not words but feelings.

The heart is the true brain of the human and its language is feelings. If you want to know what your soul feels, listen to your heart. If you want to know your soul, become heart-centered and welcome your emotions and feelings, giving them free reign without harming yourself and others.

You as a human have inherited your soul.  There is nothing you have to do to earn your soul.  You have it right where you are, in you. As a matter of fact, you are your soul in a physical manifestation. Listen to your heart, become familiar with the language of your heart and you will know your soul.

It seems as if this is not easy for modern humans who preoccupy themselves with distractions that take them away from hearing their soul speak to them.  If you are not manifesting your soul’s intent, you are distracted. You may be using anything to distract yourself including your thoughts, beliefs, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, etc. When all you are doing is distracting yourself, you are ignoring who you truly are, your soul, you are cutting off the most important part of yourself.

My encouragement is for you to get to know your soul by listening to your heart. All truths are revealed through the heart and your soul brings you these truths. Listen to your soul or not, its up to you. If you choose not to listen to your soul, you are rejecting the best friend you will ever have.


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