How To Have Your Influence Felt

How does one influence a situation or another person, in this case, in a positive direction? Simply put, you cannot have your influence felt until you rearrange your way of seeing the present set of circumstances. There is always a way out of any situation because the Universal Force does move on.  It is the way in which you handle problems that allows you to succeed.

You cannot change what is but you can manage your reaction and your response to Universal Forces. One of the best Jedi Mind tricks I use to have my influence felt is to restrict myself. What do I mean by this? By restricting myself, I mean that in any situation, I observe my urge to react or respond negatively and then I simply restrict that urge, I stop it in its tracks, I control it. I may feel like I want to say something hurtful to another, or criticize another or even physically shake another but I restrict that urge.

This ability to restrict my negative and hurtful reaction and response has taken me a long way in influencing others to treat me with kindness, fairness and equanimity. It has helped me to realize that any situation is made better by me no matter the situation. They may not know my inner thoughts but they can feel that I am reacting with control and this calms them. I have emptied my mind and my feelings of what could potentially be harmful speech or action. I have done this many times in my life and it works. It is similar to a state of Zen meditation where you empty your thoughts and emotions and allow the situation to dissipate. It works because you are diffusing the vibrations in the situation.

To me, this is how to have your influence felt. It is not by harming. Harming is temporary. The ability to positively influence the world around you by restricting yourself is ultimately a permanent way of seeing.


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