God Is A Force

From my experience with God, I have found God to be a Force. What is a Force and where is this Force of God? A Force is a feeling that exists as a consciousness, an intelligence, an awareness that is in everything from a microbe to a Galaxy. This Force of God can be felt by humans both within themselves and between themselves, other humans and all that there is from ants to trees. Everything is alive and aware with the intelligence of the Force of God. God presents as anything and everything from a human to a planet. God is not a man or woman or both sitting in the sky. Those ideas are just metaphors made up by man for his own information and understanding of the nature of God.

To believe God is a diety is immature human thinking. God just is. God is the Force in everything from imagination to magnetism. This Force is alive. When you want to connect with the real God, not the biblical, make believe God, stop and feel the Force of God in yourself and between yourself and everything around you including other people. The gap between you and anything else is where the Force of God resides. Wherever you go, there God resides. This is God’s country.

Don’t look to idols built by man to see, find or commune with God. God is the Force inside you. Start there to look for God. Stop asking God for things, stop praying to God, stop trying to find a God in a sacred text or in a building. That’s not God. God is of those things but not in those things.

God is a Force and to know God, you have to FEEL THE FORCE OF GOD WITHIN YOU AND WITHOUT YOU!!!


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