God Has No Ego and is Not Afraid to Be No Thing

God is Creation and is not Creation at the same time. It is often called the Manifest and the Unmanifest and God exists as both and it not afraid to be Unmanifest because God has no ego. Man is the same as God, in my experience, plus man has ego. Ego is afraid of the Unmanifest and creates all kinds of thought constructs around this most especially the fraudulent ideas around death.

Why does man do this? Man is afraid of death because man has ego and ego does not want to believe that who man really is was never born and never dies. Man is a continuum of the manifest and the Unmanifest just like God. We come into a body; we leave a body. We, as man, are Creation in form and we are also Creation in nonform, meaning that our true nature is Soul, Spirit.

This time of the year represents, to me, the time of man’s celebration of his true nature, as the Christ consciousness seen in the Christmas Holiday. At his core, man is the Christ consciousness and it is realization that we are eternal, that we are of Soul/Spirit, that we are on both a spirirtual path on Earth and a spiritual journey in the Cosmos.

Christmas, to me, is about celebrating this Christ consciousness that we are. It is acknowledging that we are much more that a beautiful human body and that we are endowed with eternal and everlasting life.

At Christmas, we give gifts in remembrance that we can let go of our egos and share with others in the communal and spiritual experience that we are not afraid to have no ego and be no thing.

Every year, I expand and grow my Christ consciousness during Christmas, the entire holiday time, by purposely letting go of judging others, approving of others and controlling others.

Ego is a thing AND no thing. At the holidays, I drop my self-importance and self-righteousness in acknowledgement of this.


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