Blessings To Consider Having

If there are blessings you seek in your life, may I suggest that you consider taking on the blessings of optimism and the ability to focus on action.  Also think about the blessing of being good humored and blessed with a wealth of ideas coupled with the determination and power of vision that is able to make projects come to fruition. Ask for the blessing of being able to communicate your vision to others giving them hope and encouragement. Ask for the blessing of being a stabilizing influence.

The above blessings are, by far, those that will enable you to go far in life and realize your dreams on whatever level you desire. These are not easy to attain but must be developed in you and used every day.

These blessings to be desired are ones that expand the personal horizons of not only the blessed but of those who are touched by one who is blessed with these qualities.

Resolve to build these blessings in yourself for they are the foundation of those characteristics that help change the world for the better.

I have been blessed with these traits and they have proven valuable to creating a much better life for me overall.


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