Being Off The Mark Is Distraction

As a major manifestor who has worked seamlessly with my intent, who has realized major life goals and dreams, it is my profound discovery that when I am not manifesting my intent, it is me distracting me. I have lost focus or have allowed myself to become unfocused. The reason for a lack of manifestation is never outside myself. I cannot blame anything that is happening outside myself as the cause of my lack. My lack is about my being distracted and the very act of my distraction helps me to see that I am playing mind games with myself because I lack the intestinal fortitude to use my major manifesting abilities.

To answer any question as to why you are off your mark, why your intent is not manifesting, you must ask yourself why you are distracting yourself. Stop giving the excuse that you are humble. That’s just ego talking. True humility is a quiet confidence that you have the ability to manifest anything you intend. Whatever takes you away from that sense of quiet confidence is a blurring of the lines within yourself. Human beings will use any excuse they can point to outside themselves as to why they have not manifested a thing instead of looking within to see why they got distracted.

Realizing your intent is not a thing given to you. Realizing your intent is a thing you align with. What is that thing you align with? That which has already been created by you with your intent. It is you that holds off your intent from realizing in your life by your unwillingness to believe that it’s real. You just won’t believe you’re a major manifestor so you create false distractions to prove you are right! Grow up already, will you!!!

Grow up and accept and be the major manifestor you are without any excuses to the contrary. Major manifesting is your birthright. Excuses are babyish. Excuses, distractions and lack of focus are way beneath a powerful being such as yourself. Get real, get on the mark, get set, go!!!


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