A Blue Ray Transmuter

I am a Blue Ray transmuter. What does that mean and why should you care? To start with, the reality of what existence is composed of is light and sound. Everything is a frequency of light and sound at a certain level of vibration. I am a being vibrating at the level of the Blue Ray color spectrum and a major part and ability of a Blue Ray Being is the ability to transmute darkness into light. What this means is that I can change the nature of anything to a higher form. I can change form, appearance and quality.

How does this work? I use my intent to change a lower vibrating substance to a higher vibrating substance. It could be food, something of the physical body, an emotion, a thought or spiritual reality. For example, I can heal issues in my body by talking to it and raising the vibratory level of the physical issue to a higher level so as not to get ill. I can take in food that may be not that good for me and I transmute it to a higher vibratory state so that it will nourish me and so on. I do this all the time. I’m a transmuter.

What this means to you is that you have these abilities in you to one degree or another. You too are a vibrational energy being with different rays of light and sound emanating from you and they have meaning for you as functional abilities that you can use right now.

If you don’t already know, find out your color and sound spectrum and begin using your power to heal yourself and others. There are legitimate spiritual seers who can help you discover this.

If I have abilities to transmute, then you have abilities, perhaps not like mine but other abilities that you can use for your own and others’ benefit.


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