There Is Nothing There But You

”Go into all situations in your life with what you want to find there.” If you want to find happiness in the situations in your life; go there with happiness. Do not go there thinking that happiness or anything else is waiting there for you. It is not. What you find in any situation in your life is a reflection of who you are. If you are filled with fear and insecurities, you will look to manifest those in the situation you are in by criticizing the other or you will feel intimidated and try to intimidate the other as a defense mechanism.

There is nothing in life but what meaning YOU bring to it. How do you bring more meaning to your life? You start by engaging only in situations that are meaningful to you and stop wasting time with meaningless distractions. Stop doing things that are empty of meaning like eating unconsciously because you are depressed or anxious or watching TV programs devoid of sense or meaning.

Start to live consciously, that is, being conscious of your motivations. Why do you do the things you do? In knowing these things, you gain clarity and that clarity will assist you in making conscious choices that are clearer, meaning you will do things with full awareness and not someone who is asleep at the wheel not understanding why you did a thing.

Being aware of who you are and bringing that awareness to your situations is the primary key to happiness in that you don’t generally get unwanted situations in your life.

This is a practice and a perspective of life that I have found brings me profound joy, wisdom, peace and happiness.

Go get some.


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