The Unconscious Life

Living unconsciously means living without knowing why you are behaving the way you do, not being aware of your inner motivations, acting without intention or forethought. You are behaving, you see your behavior but it is unconscious. This is different from the subconscious. The subconscious is that part of our being that is on automatic pilot and it is not Unconscious, that is, we can approach our subconscious through practices like meditation, daydreaming, hypnotherapy, etc. The only way I have found to approach my Unconscious is to face my shadow side, to face undesirable emotions and look them square in the face. I look at what my motivations are.

As I face my Unconscious mind, I also release those shadow issues that are buried deep within my mind. A good example are unconscious grudges we never released and stay with us for a lifetime. Why is this important? This is a vital component of living a happy life because if you don’t ever face your unconscious side, your shadow side, those negative issues will manifest in your life in some way. An example is attracting people in your life that cause you grief, trouble, unhappiness. This attraction is the work of the unconscious and your being is asking you to face your shadow side through your relationship with people who are negative. When you clear out your negative unconscious, you will not bring about the negative circumstances in your life. This is what I have found through experience.

I am a conscious being. I live consciously. I know what my motivations are and I address my shadow side, my demons and I laugh at them. I am suggesting that you approach your unconscious. Look inside yourself and see what resides beneath the surface. All that shadow that bubbles up must be confronted and released. When you do this, you will not have behavior and circumstances that you are mystified by. You will be operating consciously, not necessarily from your conscious mind but from a clear unconscious that has no need to attack because you have addressed it, released it, loved it. If you need assistance with this, seek counseling. See what I mean?


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