The Ten Blessings

These are the ten blessings that are provided to everyone:


Before these blessings can be enjoyed, they must be given freely, not by some outside force to you but by you to others. In order to get, you must give. That is the secret to being blessed. Having blessings is not about waiting for blessings to arrive in your life but to actively engage in giving these blessings to others. You have to be the blessings to receive them. It’s simple: give love, receive love. Don’t wait for love to be given to you, give love first and it will be returned to you. Do not wait for any blessing as if you are a deprived child. No one is deprived who is in the consciousness of the ten blessings that they themselves hold.

When the blessing is in you, you cannot be without. Don’t think about getting. Think about giving without expectation. Start there.

I have seen this work all my life. I find this way of life to be valid and workable. All of the blessings of life are there to be harvested. If they are not in your life, look to yourself and not to a thing or person who is withholding these blessings from you. The nature of existence from my experience is that these ten blessings are naturally occurring and available to all.

You must have these in your heart first before they will appear in your life. This is what is known as the law of attraction.

You attract what you are. Let that sink in.


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