The Eight Fold Path

In my experience, being alive is about finding a wisdom path to awakening to the truth of who we are and what we’re doing here. While I am not a Buddhist, I believe that Buddhist philosophy holds many great truths to help humanity awaken to itself. The following Eight Fold Path as taught by Buddha is described as wise, skillful, correct or right. I share it with you here that you may take some wisdom from it for yourself:

1. Right view-a true understanding of how reality and suffering are intertwined.

2. Right resolve-the aspiration to act with correct intention, doing no harm.

3. Right speech-abstaining from lying and divisive and abusive speech.

4. Right action-acting in ways that do not cause harm, such as not taking a life, not stealing and not engaging in sexual misconduct.

5. Right livelihood-making an ethically sound living, being honest in business dealings.

6. Right effort-endeavoring to give rise to skillful thoughts, words and deeds and renouncing unskillful ones.

7. Right mindfulness-being mindful of one’s body, feelings, mind and mental qualities.

8. Right concentration-practicing skillful meditation informed by all the preceding seven aspects.

I do believe this is a wisdom path worthy of consideration especially in our world where many do not consider these ideas at all.


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