Thank You Is A Start

Thanksgiving and being and saying thank you for what you have is just the start. The start of what, you ask? It is just the start of recognizing and accepting that YOU are responsible for your abundance and prosperity. Nothing is given to you by any diety, like God or Jesus. You are God in form and so is everything else. Everything has God in it, the Force of God. It is YOUR attunement to God, prosperity and abundance that brings these things into your reality. You get what you are.

Thanking yourself and all there is is just the start of attuning yourself to the God, prosperity and abundance that is already there waiting for you. Thank you is the first recognition that there is a Force to attune to and with. The next step is appreciation and gratitude for yourself, God and the prosperity and abundance you co-created with the Force of God. You recognize that it’s a complex of all the Forces in the Cosmos and it INCLUDES you. You don’t get abundance, you attune to it. It is there in an unmanifested form in the Cosmos and YOU are needed in the equation of manifestation. Without you, there is nothing. Your awareness makes it a reality.

This Thanksgiving, realize you are giving thanks to yourself as part of the Force of God. You are a part of All There Is. To me, that is what we thank on Thanksgiving, that we are part of the All. Part of God. Religions and society will deny this truth and they do so in unawareness. Don’t allow these lower aware contructs to disempower you.

YOU are Thanksgiving itself and what appears in your reality as the food, family, friends, abundance and prosperity is a reflection of you!


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